Training in Ilmenau, Germany

The neuroCare Group’s technology division, neuroConn, hosts training out of its offices and manufacturing centre in Ilmenau. Situated in the Thrungian Forest – also known as the “Green Heart of Germany” – Ilmenau is a University town with a strong history in bio-medical engineering innovations, including neuroConn Technologies led by Dipl. Ing. Klaus Schellhorn.

As well as manufacuring leading research and clinical neuromodulation device technologies (e.g.  DC-STIMULATOR range, THERAPRAX Mobile EEG Biofeedback), the neuroCare Group’s Training division (neuroCademy) facilitates special workshops, usually centred around device-specific hands-on demonstrationa. The location in Ilmenau gives attendees access to key technical support managers and engineers, who can help troubleshoot software and hardware questions, as well as offer further guideance with correect hands-on application.

As a leading pioneer of SCP Neurofeedback technologies, (namely THERAPRAX Mobile device) each summer neuroConn hosts a SCP Neurofeedback User Meeting (“Anwendertreffen”) in the neighbouring Gabelbach hotel. Please see calendar for more details. Please note these meetings are currently only available to German speakers.

neuroCare Group GmbH/ neuroConn Technologies
Albert-Einstein Strasse 2
98693 Ilmenau, Germany
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Getting to Ilmenau

Ilmenau is a small town in the countryside of Thuringia. Connection to Ilmenau can be made via Thuringia’s major city, Erfurt. The regional Erfurter-Bahn train runs from Erfurt to Ilmenau regularly throughout the day. The travel time by train is approximately 40 minutes.  For train times and ticket bookings visit the Deutsche Bahn website.

There are plenty of parking spaces available across the University campus and business park of neuroConn Technologies.

We recommend the following hotels in the area:

  • Gabelbach Hotel – Historical and Picturesque Spa and Hotel in the forests surrounding Ilmenau city (transport by car recommended)
  • Hotel Mara – Modern 4-star hotel near the town center and train station
  • Hotel Tanne – Spacious Hotel and Restaurant on the perimeter of the town
For more information please contact the team on
+49 89 215 471 2999 or write to [email protected]