Technology & Training Solutions Enquiry

Working with a neuroCare Solutions consultant, we can equip you with the right technology and training to help you get up and running in your own clinical practice or research setting.

You may select multiple.

Attend a Training Course

Attending a training workshop is a recommended first step to be able to understand if TMS, tDCS or Neurofeedback is the right addition to your clinical setting or research project.

Clinic / Research Needs Consultation

Our consultants in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific will scope your clinical or research needs and help you make an informed decision regarding equipment needed and considerations for space or staffing logistics.

Onsite install & training of technologies

Gain first hand instruction of devices, demonstrating software and mechanisms to get started.

Additional Team Member Training

Our experienced support team are on hand for additional training or remote supervision, as needed.

You are now operational

Regular supervision & updates

As part of the neuroCare Group's network of neuromodulation specialists, you will receive regular updates in neuromodulation research and technology innovation.



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