rTMS in Depression, OCD & New Developments

Online self-paced course with optional practical guidance in our training centres worldwide

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You can start learning today in our online courses. The link below will take you to our LMS, where you can register directly with online payment, to unlock access to professional lessons, testing, reading library, scientific resources and instructional videos (now with subtitles!)

Practical rTMS Supervision

We offer onsite training at one of our training centers worldwide. This is an ideal follow-up to the online course to gain practical, hands-on experience with a range of devices. We can also come to you and facilitate custom training for your team.

rTMS Technology Solutions

Are you looking to establish TMS (rTMS) in your clinic or research setting? We can help you with the right advice and complete package solutions

Very informative and well organized. Learnt the basics of TMS, the importance of sleep and psychotherapy. The presenter was extremely professional and informed"

Dr Yahya S.M.D., Windmill Wellness Ranch, TX, USA

Very informative with new information. The excitement and enthusiasm is great.

Dr. Mike M., D.C.Windmill Wellness Ranch, TX, USA

Informative, evidence-based algorithms for treatment and treatment resistance.

Judith H., FNPWindmill Wellness Ranch, TX, USA

Very informative, broad spectrum of information. Learned basic TMS protocols of evidence-based data.

Dr. Dmitry L., M.D.Windmill Wellness Ranch, TX, USA

Understanding the history to the best evidence-based protocols. Perfect, the way that it was presented.

Shannon M., LCSWWindmill Wellness Ranch, TX, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered in the online course vs. the practical course?

Online Course

We have made our rTMS in Depression, OCD & New Developments, available to professionals worldwide via our Learning Management System.  This is suited to a wide range of professionals including,

  • professionals who wish to start integrating rTMS in their clinical practice or research setting,
  • professionals who intend to join one of our practical hands-on workshops and need the necessary background learning as a prerequesite
  • professionals who are not yet sure if rTMS is suitable for their practice and simply want to find out more (you can make a decision about devices or further practical training at a later date),
  • those already familiar with rTMS and are looking for extra training and resources.

The online course is also a useful resource to onboard new clinicians to your existing rTMS practice. (Please write to [email protected] if you wish to enquire about group discounts)

Practical Workshops

Our practical hands-on training workshops (see our live events calendar) are an opportunity for professionals to gain familiarity with a range of equipment and different TMS machines and models.   It is strongly advised all attendees of a practical workshop should have previously completed the online course, to be well informed.

These workshops are facilitated by our friendly and experienced team who can give practical guidance and assistance with manipulating the coil and the arms.  Our training centres house a range of TMS equipment. See the individual event listing for more details of the specific makes and models demonstrated.

Who can register in and attend the courses / workshops?

This TMS Training Workshop is suited to participants who are registered mental health physicians or therapists (or have equivalent education e.g. Master’s level).

Professionals who usually attend this workshop:

  • Psychologists  / Clinical Psychologists / Psychotherapists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Medical Doctors
  • Students & Researchers in a related field

Do I get a certificate / certification upon completing the online course or practical workshops?

Participants in our online and live practical workshops receive a certificate recognizing attendance and completion of modules and any testing. To find out more write to [email protected].

This course adheres to International Federation of the clinical neurophysiology (IFCN) safety guidelines.

What language is the course delivered in?

The online course:  rTMS in Depression, OCD & New Developments is delivered in English, with subtitles.

Practical workshops can be delivered in Dutch, German or English. See individual calendar listing for more details.

Where are the practical training workshops located?

We currently have training centers in The Netherlands, Germany and Australia. If you live outside these regions, please write to us at [email protected] and we can discuss the possibility of remote training or organize a one-off event in your region.

What will I learn in the online course?

This online course covers the following modules, which can be completed at home at the users own pace:

  • rTMS Background: Physics, History & Equipment
  • rTMS Basics: Stimulation Parameters and Safety
  • rTMS Basics: Safety
  • rTMS in Depression: An early literature review
  • rTMS in Depression & OCD: Past and Present
  • Other treatments in Depression
  • The role of sleep in Depression
  • Personalizing and Optimizing rTMS
  • New Developments in rTMS
  • rTMS in Combination with Psychotherapy
  • rTMS Clinical Case Studies
  • Other Neuromodulation Techniques
  • Introduction to Neuro-Cardiac-Guided TMS
  • Practical demonstration videos:
    • Finding the Motor Threshold
    • Placing the coil over the right or left DLPF
    • Placing the coil over SMA