Frequently Asked Questions

Which course materials do I need?

In-person courses
You will receive a reader with all slides on the day of the workshop and any relevant print materials.  We may recommend some books which you can purchase online.

LMS courses
On the neuroCademy LMS ( reading materials are conveniently listed within each lesson, on the ‘Materials’ tab.

Who are the courses accredited by?

neuroCademy courses are accredited by a number of different independent organizations depending on your location. For more information please see the section on accreditation.

How do I know if the courses are accredited in my country?

If you are unsure whether the courses are accredited in your country, you may wish to refer to the website of the accreditor (for a full list of organizations see here). You can also contact neuroCademy directly.

What is the difference between the LMS course and the in-person professional training courses?

The LMS stands for Learning Management System, presented on our online learning training platform (  Whereas in the past participants would have to travel to a neuroCademy course location to attend and complete training in a specific modality (e.g. rTMS, Neurofeedback), this now allows users to complete these professional learning modules (no different from the in-person training courses) from the comfort of their own home, at their own pace and now with automated testing to ensure understanding of the components.

Won’t I miss out on real-time interaction if I study through the LMS?

We know it is important to talk in real time with the experts for your own better understanding of these modalities and how these can be integrated and applied in your own practice or research setting. Therefore we have scheduled regular ‘live lessons and Q&A sessions’ with online webinar codes available next to specific lesson modules within the course. On the main course information page, you will find an overview for the dates of these courses, scheduled regularly throughout the year.

We also encourage you to connect with our presenters and other professionals via our LinkedIn group, neuroCommunity. Click here to join.

Which are the live lessons in the LMS course?

Some lessons are more straight forward than others and generally don’t spark much discussion, other lessons are more engaging and open up several questions.  You have the opportunity to participate in these select lessons (marked with an asterisk (*) at the scheduled live event, hosted on Zoom by the presenters. Save and follow the zoom link provided in the lesson to attend at the scheduled time.

However, don’t forget, neuroCademy also hosts in-person training events, if you are willing to travel to our locations in Europe and Australia. See Training Calendar.

What if I am not interested in the live lessons on the LMS course?

That’s okay too. These lessons are also pre-recorded and available to you on the LMS. Attending the live lessons is just a bonus for you if you feel it would assist in your learning. Conveniently, the entire course on the LMS can be completed whenever, wherever in the world at your own pace.

How long do I have access to the LMS courses and materials?

The course must be completed within 6 months from date of purchase, to maintain consistency of study, ensure understanding of course material and to prepare you adequately for your practical training.

If you wish to apply for an extension please write to [email protected]

What is required for me to pass a course on the LMS?

Watching the lessons in full and successfully completing the tests with an 80% pass rate (i.e. correctly answering 8 our of 10 multiple choice questions.) The tests after each learning module can be repeated as many times as necessary.

The course is designed as lessons to be completed in sequence. You will need to watch the presentation in full in order to complete the course.

How do I gain hands-on experience if I am completing the LMS course?

We encourage all participants to join us in a hands-on practical training workshop after completing the LMS course. Within the LMS, practical demonstration videos are provided to give you a good overview of how these treatments look in practice, how to measure and calibrate equipment settings, for example.

The LMS conveniently makes it easier for you to complete all the theoretical components needed before completing the hands-on learning component.

Successful completion of the LMS course (i.e. all the theoretical components) is required for acceptance into the hands-on training course.

To find a hands-on training course, see the calendar.