Advanced Neurostimulation Techniques  – Special 2-Day Training Event in Sydney

22 – 23 August, Sydney, Australia

Learn the latest research and technological innovations in TMS, tDCS and other neurostimulation techniques, with expert presenters. One-off training event by neuroCademy Australia. With special guest presenters: Dr Nigel Rogasch (University of Adelaide) & Dr Eliana Garcia-Cossio (neuroCademy, Germany).

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Advanced Neurostimulation Techniques

2-Day Training Course for Professionals

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This workshop is regularly held by neuroCademy in Australia, Germany, The Netherlands and as special training events throughout the world.

In-house Supervision

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Very informative and well organized. Learnt the basics of TMS, the importance of sleep and psychotherapy. The presenter was extremely professional and informed"

Dr Yahya S.M.D., Windmill Wellness Ranch, TX, USA

Very informative with new information. The excitement and enthusiasm is great.

Dr. Mike M., D.C.Windmill Wellness Ranch, TX, USA

Informative, evidence-based algorithms for treatment and treatment resistance.

Judith H., FNPWindmill Wellness Ranch, TX, USA

Very informative, broad spectrum of information. Learned basic TMS protocols of evidence-based data.

Dr. Dmitry L., M.D.Windmill Wellness Ranch, TX, USA

Understanding the history to the best evidence-based protocols. Perfect, the way that it was presented.

Shannon M., LCSWWindmill Wellness Ranch, TX, USA

Course details


This workshop is intended for researchers, academics and clinicians interested in learning up-to-date methods of non-invasive brain stimulation. Participants will be familiarized with the theoretical as well as practical aspects of applying transcranial electrical stimulation (tES) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). The workshop will provide deeper insights on advanced technologies, particularly on the know-how for combining electrophysiological measurements with non-invasive brain stimulation.

Here some of the concepts you are expected to take home after this 2 day hands-on workshop:

  • tCS-EEG
  • Multi-channel stimulation and current flow modeling
  • Combining neuroimaging with NIBS
  • EEG-TMS Neuronavigation

Who can attend?

This course is suited to participants who are registered mental health physicians or therapists (or have equivalent education e.g. Master’s level).

Participants who usually attend this workshop:

  • Psychologists  / Clinical Psychologists / Psychotherapists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Students & Researchers in a related field


This course can be delivered in English or German. Refer to the specific course listing in our training calendar.


This course is accredited in Germany: applied at the Bayerische Landesärztekammer

in the Netherlands: by NVvP (Nederlandse Vereninging voor Psychiatrie) and by FGzPt (Federatie van Gezondheidszorgpsychologen en Psychotherapeuten).
To find out more about accreditation in your specific region, write to [email protected]

Components covered

  • Technical, neurophysiological background and safety aspects to transcranial Electrical Stimulation
  • tDCS in the treatment of Psychiatric Disorders
  • Variability in the response to tDCS
  • Hands-on practice with neuroConn DC-STIMULATOR device technologies


This workshop is held at multiple times throughout the year in each of our training locations. By request, neuroCademy can also facilitate the delivery of this workshop in your own practice setting. Please see our Supervision page for more details.


This cost of this workshop varies by location. Please refer to our Training Calendar for individual workshop details and pricing. Student discounts are available.

Reading Material

Reading materials are provided on the day and are included in the course costs.

Technologies demonstrated

neuroConn DC-STIMULATOR technologies will be demonstrated in this workshop, including:


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