Actigraphy Sleep Assessments in Everyday Clinical Practice

1 Day Workshop

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This workshop is regularly held at the neuroCademy Training Center in Munich with more locations in the future. See our training calendar for updates.

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Actigraphy is a simple, wearable tool to monitor Blue Light Expoure and Sleep Wake Behaviours in clients. Actigraphy is used to manage Sleep Hygiene Maintenance techniques with clients, looking to improve their mental health. Whether a client reports a sleep problem or not, an Actigraphy assessment gives the therapist more insight into presenting symptoms. Smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, LED and fluorescent lamps give off blue light which the human body more naturally needs during daylight hours. Overexposure to blue spectrum light in the evenings and especially before bedtime, stops our bodies from releasing sleep-inducing melatonin. This can have a big effect on our quality of sleep and duration of sleep. When we do not have good sleep this can affect our mood and attention.

Who can attend?

Participants who usually attend this workshop:

  • Psychologists  / Clinical Psychologists / Psychotherapists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Students & Researchers in a related field
  • Other mental health practitioners or counsellors


This course can be delivered in English, German or Dutch. Refer to the specific course listing in our training calendar.


To find out more about accreditation in your specific region, write to [email protected].

Components covered

  • Learning theory: the connection between sleep and mental and general health
  • How Actigraphy can be embedded into clinical practice
  • Clinical case studies using Actigraphy Sleep Assessments to monitor Sleep Hygiene in clients
  • Hands-on demonstration of Actigraphy Wristband monitors
  • Hands-on technical demonstration of Actigraphy analysis software, familiarising participants with interpretation of statistics and actigraphy charting


This 1-Day Workshop on Actigraphy Sleep Assessments in Clinical Practice is usually held in our Munich location.  Further locations will become available, please refer to Training Calendar. By request, neuroCademy can also facilitate a remote or in-house delivery of this workshop. Please see our Supervision page for more details.


Cost of the Workshop is determined by location and currency. Please refer to specific event listings in our training calendar.

Reading Material

Reading materials are provided on the day and are included in the course costs.

Technologies demonstrated

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Why Actigraphy Sleep Assessments?

Actigraphy is a simple, wearable tool to visualize sleep patterns, activity level as well as blue spectrum light in the person’s surroundings. It indicates whether sleep times are consistent or disturbed due to other factors, such as blue light or activity levels. We particularly look at blue light exposure just before going to sleep.