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Understand the latest in tDCS and neurostimulation techniques with training from world-leading scientists

Partnering with leading device manufacturer, neuroConn Technologies, neuroCademy delivers expert supervision and training in transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) with the latest advances in research and possibile application in various clinical settings. Whether you are a Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist, find out how tDCS can enhance your practice.

Help your patients achieve lasting recovery from Depression with TMS therapy

Training Courses by neuroCademy help therapists deliver TMS in their own clinical setting, following the neuroCare Group’s proven and highly effective protocols for localizing the DLPFC and enhancing treatment with Psychotherapy.
Training is suited to Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Mental Health Nurses.

Learn Neurofeedback following correct and proven protocols

Research now proves the evidence for Neurofeedback as an effective therapy for children and adults with ADHD and Sleep problems, with long-term positive effects. By attending a 4-day or 2-Day Neurofeedback workshops with neuroCademy, you will receive clear instructions, backed by science, delivered by leading experts in the field. The 4-day Neurofeedback workshop by neuroCademy helps you gain certification with the BCIA (Biofeedback Certification International Alliance). We can also put you in touch with trusted Neurofeedback device manufacturers, as well as offering complete QEEG diagnostic solutions.

“An evidence-based, robust primer for neuromodulation, with high-quality presenters”

AlexPsychologist, Adelaide, Australia

“Very informative and well organized. Learned the basics of TMS, the importance of sleep and psychotherapy. The presenter was extremely professional and informed.”

Dr. Yahya S., M.D.Psychiatrist & TMS Workshop Participant

Valuable and thorough learning experience, suitable for practitioners and researchers, and presented by high calibre professionals currently working with Neurofeedback. As a researcher, I very much appreciated the solid evidence-base of the training content, with citations and research findings provided, alongside practical advice and hands-on experience with the equipment. I highly recommend this enjoyable and very informative BCIA-recognised training

AJPhD Researcher, QUT

An understanding of what neurofeedback is and isn’t, the population it is suitable for and the equipment required.

SharonPsychologist, Catholic Care

Very clear, thorough, and most importantly, evidence-based. A clear understanding of the research behind Neurofeedback and good practice for delivering Neurofeedback

JudyNeuropsychologist, Jurmaine Health